Wednesday, October 03, 2007


Online Poker

I have registered to play in the PokerStars World Blogger Championship of Online Poker!

This Online Poker Tournament is a No Limit Texas Holdem event exclusive to Bloggers.

Registration code: 5427939

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Poker Update

As I said in one of my previous poker blogs, I was adimant of playing the SHNL regularly, but I have yet to take the time and start up a session. I fee like a giant vagina because of it. I haven't been playing as much lately, sort of adapting to school timeframe and going to the gym everyday for 1 and a half hours.

I did play in the WCOOP Event #2 $500+30 NLHE without much sucess. Couple key hands, flopped flush lost to runner boat. Flop set paid off my TP Good kicker. Got into a BSB battle and flopped top pair weak kicker and got it all in like a donkey :(

Well, I think I will be playing the WCOOP Event #6 $200+R as a Freezeout. Maybe I will lucksack my way into a pile of cash :) Bracelet me please.

Ever CyberSex?

Found this off the 2+2 Forum, I found these ones to be pretty funny. There are others, but I found these post-worthy.

bloodninja: Ok baby, we got to hurry, I don't know how long I can keep it ready for you.
j_gurli3: thats ok. ok i'm a japanese schoolgirl, what r u.
bloodninja: A Rhinocerus. Well, hung like one, thats for sure.
j_gurli3: haha, ok lets go.
j_gurli3: i put my hand through ur hair, and kiss u on the neck.
bloodninja: I stomp the ground, and snort, to alert you that you are in my breeding territory.
j_gurli3: haha, ok, u know that turns me on.
j_gurli3: i start unbuttoning ur shirt.
bloodninja: Rhinoceruses don't wear shirts.
j_gurli3: No, ur not really a Rhinocerus silly, it's just part of the game.
bloodninja: Rhinoceruses don't play games. They fucking charge your ass.
j_gurli3: stop, cmon be serious.
bloodninja: It doesn't get any more serious than a Rhinocerus about to charge your ass.
bloodninja: I stomp my feet, the dust stirs around my tough skinned feet.
j_gurli3: thats it.
bloodninja: Nostrils flaring, I lower my head. My horn, like some phallic symbol of my potent virility, is the last thing you see as skulls collide and mine remains the victor. You are now a bloody red ragdoll suspended in the air on my mighty horn.
bloodninja: Goddam am I hard now.
bloodninja: Baby, I been havin a tough night so treat me nice aight?
BritneySpears14: Aight.
bloodninja: Slip out of those pants baby, yeah.
BritneySpears14: I slip out of my pants, just for you, bloodninja.
bloodninja: Oh yeah, aight. Aight, I put on my robe and wizard hat.
BritneySpears14: Oh, I like to play dress up.
bloodninja: Me too baby.
BritneySpears14: I kiss you softly on your chest.
bloodninja: I cast Lvl. 3 Eroticism. You turn into a real beautiful woman.
BritneySpears14: Hey...
bloodninja: I meditate to regain my mana, before casting Lvl. 8 Cock of the Infinite.
BritneySpears14: Funny I still don't see it.
bloodninja: I spend my mana reserves to cast Mighty Fuck of the Beyondness.
BritneySpears14: You are the worst cyber partner ever. This is ridiculous.
bloodninja: Don't fuck with me bitch, I'm the mightiest sorcerer of the lands.
bloodninja: I steal yo soul and cast Lightning Lvl. 1,000,000 Your body explodes into a fine bloody mist, because you are only a Lvl. 2 Druid.
BritneySpears14: Don't ever message me again you piece of shit.
bloodninja: Robots are trying to drill my brain but my lightning shield inflicts DOA attack, leaving the robots as flaming piles of metal.
bloodninja: King Arthur congratulates me for destroying Dr. Robotnik's evil army of Robot Socialist Republics. The cold war ends. Reagan steals my accomplishments and makes like it was cause of him.
bloodninja: You still there baby? I think it's getting hard now.
bloodninja: Baby?
BritneySpears14: Ok, are you ready?
eminemBNJA: Aight, yeah I'm ready.
BritneySpears14: I like your music Em... Tee hee.
eminemBNJA: huh huh, yeah, I make it for the ladies.
BritneySpears14: Mmm, we like it a lot. Let me show you.
BritneySpears14: I take off your pants, slowly, and massage your muscular physique.
eminemBNJA: Oh I like that Baby. I put on my robe and wizard hat.
BritneySpears14: What the fuck, I told you not to message me again.
eminemBNJA: Oh shit
BritneySpears14: I swear if you do it one more time I'm gonna report your ISP and say you were sending me kiddie porn you fuck up.
eminemBNJA: Oh shit
eminemBNJA: damn I gotta write down your names or something

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Becoming another breed

Not much to update successfully wise. Couple final tables, best was a 5th.

With school starting, usually I don't have enough time for poker. But to give me some space for my 4th year, I convert to part-time to finish school at a slower pace. With this, I have found new inspiration in poker, by the name of "aba20." Along with the first hand progress of a fellow friend, I am throwing my hat into the land of SSNL 6max and see where it can take me. I feel I have the drive and motivation to become sucessful while hopefully keeping up my MTT prowress with nightly tournament.

My blog will centralize on some theoretical aspects of cash games as I learn the ropes, with some dabs of MTTs. Hopefully I can keep up the desire to become a cash game beast, and one day duke it out on HSP :)


Thursday, August 03, 2006

Trip Report Day 6&7 (July 28 & 29th)

After a dissapointing WSOP where I was bad beated and lost two satelites to the Main Event. They say if you can't win the satelite, you're not good enough to play in the actual event. Here hoping I can qualify next year.

I have the alarm set for 11am so I could wake up and play the $80+50 at the Caesar's. Somehow I elect not to and then wake up at 1130 to quickly shower and get the hell over there. Its about a 10 minute walk and I step into the pokerroom at about a bit past 12 assuming I can register late only to see a massive 100+ person line for late registrations WOW. Guess all the players not playing in the Main Event decided to play this decently structured tourney. Anyhow I get in like 1/2 way through level two (50/100), so about 1 hour late. 20 minutes later, I'm given a 20 minute break. After the break on 100/200 A25 and get some cards going. I increase my stack through some hand value betting it the whole way and am up to 6000-6500 ish probably. On 200/400 I get into a big pot where I have AA (action, I forget) and triple up to 15-17K in chips. I keep playing my TAG style, raising limpers with hands. There is a player moved to my right. During his time there I have seen him limpraise KK UTG, and TT UTG+1 (only to run into QQ in that one). He limpes in LP (maybe Cutoff) and I pump it up to 3200 on 400/800 blinds with 55. He limpraised all in for something like 14K I think. I count out my chips, If I make the call and lose, I have about 5-6K but if I fold I have about 15K. I think it out, he could have AQ AK, but if he he's limp raising his big pairs again i'm a huge underdog. After about 2 minutes I fold it up and let him take it asking him to tell me later on. I don't tilt or steam, but my action slows up and I dwindle a bit. I later find out he had AQ, oh well.

Moved to a new table, we get the 600/1200 A100 blinds (25 raced off, I lose). During this level, I am moved to a table with HUGE stacks to my left and also very agressive to my left, meaning not many pots are folded around to me, or if so, too UGLY to push. I am down to 8000 at the last hand before the break. The blinds would hit me in 2 hands and I would lose my fold equity at 1000/2000 blinds with 200 ante. I elect to shove JTd and the player elects not to double me up with KTo PHEW.

On 1000/2000 level, I push one hand (TT?) and soon after I see a nice AJh hand on the cutoff, but see the TIGHTEST PLAYER finally raise a hand, I insta muck it without much though. I go on to see raises after raises in front of me, no play with my connectors or trash broadway hands or weak aces. Until finally, 5 minutes before the 2000/4000 level, I push my 9-10K all in from cutoff with Q5d hoping to pick up the blinds. I run into AA GG Me. Top 30 paid and I was ousted in like 38th I believe. Oh well, cashing didn't really concern me, more off winning and making the final table. So my conclusion from this tourney, good 40 minute level for the price, and good 4500 starting stack. But awful blind double up structure. I heard the Venetial gets you 3000 chips + 30 minute levels, but more slow rising, which could be better, may check it out next time.

It was then about 5-6pm and I decide to head out for some shopping. I hop in a cab and hit up the Las Vegas Premium Outlets. Man, I should have went sooner. Tonnes of deals, Nike SHOX for $49.99 and other great store prices. I won't bother you like a woman about my clothing fashion, but if you're doing shopping, bring another suitcase to carry all the extra stuff. I've learned.

While at the Premium Outlet store, I saw a Sushi Buffet and ate there for an 30 minutes. I definately didn't get my $25 worth, but I had a craving for some raw fish :P as I didn't want to eat any prior to me playing in any events.

Headed back to Harrahs and started the packing up and cramming everything into a suitcase + carryon bag. At about 2am, I wasn't tired and headed down for my first cash game action in Vegas.

They were spreading a 3-6 limit, 1-2 NL (60 min, 200 max) and a 2-5 NL (200 min, 500 max). I joined the 1-2 for 200. While sitting down, first hand I saw a guy raise to 25 pf and call a reraise to about 80 (maybe more or less). He proceeds to checkraise all in on a 3flush board. Other player calls the bet as he is pot commited having only about 80-100 behind him. Checkraiser has KQs for the flopped flush and other player has AsQx (could have been AQo as well) and proceeds to miss his flush. I thik the checkraiser was a loose donkey which is why he got a call from AQ. Big pot, about $500-600 I threw in my blinds first hand, as it gives you a sense of a looser image. First hand, I got AK. I raise it to 10. Loose guy + unknown call I see a 963 flop and throw out 15 as a continuarion bet which is okay and bad. Loose player folds, other guy calls. Turn is a blank and I fire 25 this time (when I should have went into check/fold mold) and player calls. River is an ACE, I hit my card and bet out 30 to be raised to 100. Being the donkey cash game player that I am, I call the bet to lose to 99, wow I suck I should have stopped and thought. GG $150. I rebuy and have $200 in front. Imed next hand I get AKh and raise it to 10. Player who beat me last time calls and SB or BB raises it to 35. Feeling the game may be loose I call the bet as does the other player. Board comes out KQx and I hit my card, top pair + top kicker, but feel its an awful board. I could still be losing to AA/KK/QQ but beating AQ/JJ and tying AK. I call his $40 bet on the flop, as does the other player seeing what he would do on the turn. If he showed weakness I would pounce. He bets 75 on the turn, and I stop and mull it over and eventually fold but other player calls and folds on the river. SB/BB has AA, other guy had JT. On the BB, I get AK and this time I crapped myself and checked it and checked folded it on an 8 hi flop that was limped 6-7 ways preflop, i think I should have led out 10. Not to narrow down the action, but to build a pot (just to lose again :P). On the SB, I get AT and see a flop 4 way (me, BB, loose player + set/JT player). Flop comes down T65 and I flop top pair. I check it it and loose player bets out 30, holy over bet. Other guy calls, and I call (probably should have raised there, I know I know, cash game fish/donkey). Turn is a 9, I check and call off a $40 bet, as does other player. I think, what card do I want besides an Ace/Ten. I figure a 5 would be okay and boom a 5 appears. I throw out a $30 blocking bet and loose player quickly mucks, but the Set/JT player miniraises me to $60. I instantly think ARHJDHJAHKAFHAD what have I got myself into again, I am the biggest fish ever. But with $120+$90+$90 in the pot and only 30 to call, I cry call and he shows A6, MHIG!!!!

Loose player then leaves with like over $1300 in front of him. Play tightens up and becomes a grindfest where I lose $50 (raised $10 to $50 on flop) when I somehow enter a pot with T4 and flop bottom two pair only to fold to a push on the turn (JT4K) from a tight young talkative trash player who you can see is only grinding top hands and capable of folding top pair (as he does to me later on) who showed Q9. I eventually cash out $350 losing $100 overall. But the loose player came back and eventually hopped over the 2/5 NL where I saw him make some crazy plays. ON 678 board he calls an all in with K6, other player showed 45, board comes out 95 for a chopped pot, sickening lol. He later gets it all in legitamately with KK vs AA only to spike a K on the flop.

I head back to the room get 4 hours of sleep and head out back to Toronto.

I hope you enjoyed reading these Trip Report, maybe I'll have some better ones with me winning something and actually deep thinking hands.

Trip Report Day 5 (July 27th)

After another late night. Today was my last shot for me to win into the Main Event. With 2 x $500 lamers in my pocket, I was hoping for a grand shot. I planned to wake up for the 1pm event Mega Satelite, but slept through it, oh the burn and tears of playing poker HAHA. Because I missed it, I tried to sleep in as much as possible only to not feel tired at the table, which didn't work either.

I think I woke up at 3-4pm. Showered up and out the door. Arrived at the RIO, Saw a LONG registration line and thought, Dam I should have registered last night. I probably waited 1.5 hours to sign up as it was about 6 pm when I was registered. I then found out now more single table satelites except $1030 where winner gets 4 x $2500 lamers.

Using my $10 voucher (you get it when you sign up for $1000+ events I guess) I went to get some dinner (or lunch...dunch?). I went for a slice of pizza and grrrr, I felt a bit tired after eatting. Don't you just hate that, oversleeping + eating = tired, weird :P

I finally get seated, I know noone. Loose player is playing a lot of pots and has 4-5x his stack to like 14,000 by level 2. Previously, I saw loose player bet out A9 on a Q9x flop only to push to a raise. Raiser had a flush draw I believe, but I thought the A9 move was very loose, not much of a read from what I can remember on raiser. So that hand affected me when I got AT on the SB with him limping. I got a free limp from the SB on 25/25 Blinds with ATs. YES 25/25!!!! The flop comes down AJ3, and I fire out a 100 chip bet. Folded to the loose player who then reraises to 400. I think it over a bit, I still have lots of chips, but he could be reraising A9? QJ? And after thinking for about a minute, I push it in. He reacts hesitatnly, and for a second I think I'm good. No AJ and maybe my kicker is good. He proceeds to count off the chips and call me. He has J3, oops mis step and I am ousted. I should have folloed the procedure if that early and you don't know where you're at, just muck it and move on. Live and learn I guess, I played it AWFUL, but everyone is entitled to donkey mistakes, it just cost me $1000.

Feeling like shit, I quickly get a beer and just chug it, maybe this can all be a dream. I originally planned to come back on the 29th so I could watch so Main Event action on the 28th if I didn't qualify, but after losing out on two satelites, my WSOP 2006 was over and I wouldn't be coming back to the Rio. I brought a Black Hoody for myself, two Tees for friends and a red hoody for my brother. I headed back ASAP to Harrah to just get over it. Had a couple more drinks and I was out to sleep.

Trip Report Day 4 (July 26th)

After busting out of the $1500 NLHE and making a long trip back to Harrah's. I had the munchies and ordered room service at 2am in the morning. A burger, the second most expensive meal of my trip. It came up to somewhere around $18 after giving a nice 20% tip on the BILL (good karma I hope). Slept at like 5-6 am which caused me to wake up around 3-4pm. They must be doing construction as I heard massive drilling at around noon. Luckily i'm a heavy sleeper and can sleep through an earthquake (if you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything).

The plan for the day was to hit the RIO, play a satelite and win my way into the Main Event through the Mega Sat. I arrived at around 5pm. The Mega Sat started at 8pm. I decided to play a single table satelite $175 buyin. It was AWFUL. Whenever I got in with the best hand, I would lose, I would only win a hand if there was no show down. I think I didn't play a hand the first level. But early on, I picked up QQ made a raise. Check a Q hi flop (you need to trap and pick up chip early so you have some chips to gamble or call loose pushes or even push yourself). I bet the turn and value bet the river. Prob increased my stack by 50-70% up to like 1400-1800. On the 50/100 level, UTG pushes all in for 400. I see 88 on the SB and make the call. I'm up against 25. Board comes out something like 35x46 and he makes a straight on me. I survive, win a small pot. On 100/200 the SB goes all in for 425 and I call blind getting like 3:1 pot odds call. He has T8 and I have Q8. I close my eyes, say no T, flop spreads a T. Down to like 1000 in chips. It gets folded to me and I push all in with 88, the 25o player see AT and makes the call. A flop GG me.

Feeling a bit supersticious, I revert to my good luck NY Giants Jersey as I deck my colared shirt into my bag, no fancy dress shirt here, baller is coming out to play now. Sign up for the Megas Sat for 500 lamer + 560 cash.

Get something to eat and chillax until the Megas Sat starts. T3000 chips, 40 minute levels, I predict it will take until level 12 or more to win into the seat. Thats about 10 hours of playing. I take my seat, I see overbets after overbets and awful play left and right. People coming in for 8-10x the bet, calling gutshots etc etc. First big hand after playing like pretty much only the blinds or marginal limps, I get AhQx on the SB. I raise it up from 100 to 300. LAGGY BB calls. Flop comes down KQJ (all hearts). I lead out for 300, he calls. Turn is Qo (i made trips + nut flush draw + straight draw) and bet 500 this time. River is the 7o and I think I have the best hand as all he's been doing is calling. I lead out for 600, a value bet and he mulls it over and calls T9 fearing I had the flush. Dam, when a LAGGY player calls down, its hard to think you're beat on that board. So 1/2 my stack gone.

Nearing the first break. I raise it to like 300 pf with 88 (50/100) and LAGGY player goes all in for like 500-600. The preflop overbetter sees the bet and flat calls. What am I to think, overbetter has a hand, NNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOO just a loose donkey. I need to squeeze the player out the pot and push the rest of my 1600 or more (maybe 1800) chips. Overbetter thinks and eventually mucks. LAGGY thinks hes way overbeat, but see I was reraise ISOing with a mid pair. LAGGY has A9 and board comes out 9xxxT. I later find out overbetter had T9 and is complaining how I reraised an all in and how he could have won the pot. Psft, learn some poker first buddy and then come back to me calling a raise+reraise all in with T9. Althought I always keep my language clean at the table, no disrespecting anyone in person I don't want a beat down. This guy was double my size (width wise).

Hit the break, come back and I later get involved off the BB when a constant miniraiser opens from third position I believe. SB calls I call min with AT. Flop comes down QTx, chk around. Turn is a blank or a low card and I fire out like 2/3 of the pot only to be quickly raised by the min raiser. I mull it over, I don't have many chips, but could he have made a set? AQ? I muck it out of position and no read. Down to my last 600 or so in chips, I see KT on 75/150 and I muck it for some reason, no idea why (maybe a limper) oh well Kxx flop no idea if I was good.

Moved to a new table I somehow get it all in with A7 vs K4. K hit GG ME.

Feeling to need to win, I hit up another $175 SNG. I sit down, a bunch of young player who I think will actually be a tough table. Not many donkeys this time. After I see the play unfold, I think most are solid well rounded players. I think I went card dead for the first 30-40 minutes. Folding and winning uncontested pot so essentially just maintaining my equity for when I go push fold. 4 or 5 handed, on 100/200 blinds I open push 700 from the SB with A7. BB thinks and makes a 2:1 call with JTo. Flop comes KQx (3 flush flop, JT has a flush draw I do not). That is 19 outs (65%) for JT to win the hand. Board blanks out and I hold up. The game then goes 4 handed and what we being to describe as who can squeeze out the best cards. The players to my right and left both probbably had about 3000 chips each with the rest dispersed between me and the other player.

On the 100/200 level, button (player to right) raises to 500. I have about 1200 chips and what could be the best hand with KQ on the SB. I felt compelled to play, but I figured I had to play it strategically. With my chips, I aimed to pull off a stop and go. I would call and push almost all flops. My call opens up the pot odds to the BB who comes along for the ride getting 4:1. Flop comes down nicely QTx giving me top pair. No need to pull the stop and go now, I need to get value for my top pair. I check, BB checks, button makes a 600 CB (Continuation Bet). I insta push for 700 as strength to hopefully get the SB from calling something like Tx (possibly getting a good price to do so). The Button calls and says he needs to get lucky with A4. I hold and am up to 3000 ish in chips. We revert back to a game of preflop poker and squeezing as the blinds are 150/300. The player to my left is now UTG and pushes all in for something in the neighbourhood of 1200-1500 chips. Button folds. The SB who likes to slide his cards over each other on the felt and then squeezes does so and then instapushes as well. I say, I'm going to need to squeeze a big one to make this call. First card, I ACE! I say first cards REALLY NICE, lets squeeze a twin. I squeeze it hard and its an....KING. Well its probably of the the 3 (maybe 4) cards I could squeeze to make the call. Its AK (me) vs A2 (UTG) vs A4 (SB). Board comes out 36x5 BLANK. I hold and now have a 6000 vs 4000 chip lead. He asks if I want to chops. I offer him 40% of 1620 and I would pay the tip. Meaning he gets 650. He mulls it and decides to play it out, while dealer is shouting WINNER ON TABLE BLAH BLAH, I tell the dealer hold up, let him think. We play it out, and I say I'm not a pushover headsup. First hand I raise it 3x with AJ on the button I win. Next hand he limps, I check 57. Flop comes out like 2 paints, chk chk. I fire 400 on the turn and take it down. Next hand I limp the button with like 63 (Harrington says its incorrect to flat out fold the button). Next hand, I forget. Next hand I lim 89o on the button and make a bet with air on the flop and win it. Decisive hand comes up, button raises it from 300 to 700. I make the call with K9o. Flop comes out 9xx and I aim for the checkraise to chip him down but he mull it and checks. Turn is the gin card (K). I again go for the checkraise and he pushes all in, I insta call and his KT doesn't river me. YAYAYAY $1500 Lamers + $120 ($20 tip for dealer, karma points).

I sell off one of my $500 lamers for $500 cash and sit at another $175 Single Table Sat. A hand comes up where I have about 750 chips on 50/100 where a guy to my immed right pushes all in for 675. I squeeze 99 and ask for time remaining on the clock, it was about 4 minutes. Thinking it over, I would have to pay 300 in blinds probably leaving me with 450 if I got no hands the rest of the orbit and made this fold. Decisely, I decided to gamble it up, oops he had AA, down to 75 chips. Next hand I look at the first card, a King and push it all in. 4-5 see the flop and board comes out like QQTQ and 2 players get it all in on the turn when I say, someoen please flip up the Q so I can see I'm dead. One player shows KQ(or QJ) and other shows AT JT?. I flip mine over, show the King, and move it to reveal another King HAHA. I laugh and say I only looked at one card. Oh well. I stick around and chat it up with some other players I spoke with before. Then watched the final table of the Deuce to Seven Loball draw event. Danial Alaei vs David Williams heads up with Evelyn Ng annoucing the action. I saw seated across the table from the rope. Better comfortable view as opposed to sitting on metal benches. Later one some lady comes up to me and taps me on the shoulder and says are we allowed to sit over there. I look at her, she looks familiar and say, "Sure, go ahead. I prefer the nice view from here." while looking from her to Evelyn/Table (Although Vanessa Rousso does look better in person, she was a table across from me in the 1500 event). She hops over the rope followed by...The was Lily Elviro (Mrs Grinder). I also see the end of the 7 Card Stud H/L event which Jeff Madsen final tabled for his fourth time this year (where he won 2 btw). He places third and some guy won. Picture of the bracelet attached.

I watch a bit, talk a bit, get tired and head out the long walk of shame back to the hotel. End of day, unless we want Taxi Ride recap...YAWN

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Trip Report Day 3 (July 25th)

I woke up 2 hours prior @ 10am to get ready for the big day. Ate something I had leftover from the previous night and made my way down to the Rio. Chatted with some people on way on the shuttle and we were all very excited. Outside of the poker room was very crowded as they were preparing everything inside. Once let in, flows of people flocked to their seats. I was on the north-east quadrant, one of the first quadrants to break due to alternates. We probably played 1 level there before it was broken. In this tourney, I actually wore sunglasses too. I would keep them under my nose when looking at the cards and when I liked my hand I put them on and made a call/raise and so I could close my eyes and not see what the hell they were doing so not to get worried. I also have headphones on, but not turned on because I didn’t want other people bothering me and to look like maybe I didn’t pay attention. Chip stacking wise, I wanted to keep a lot of the green (25 denomination chips) as opposed to the other colours so I could have a big intimidating stack that would also be very hard to count. I would stack it up in one big row.

25/25 level
Plan was to sit back and just let the deck hit me by playing cheap flops with speculative hands in position. I can’t quite recall all the players, but there were definitely some awful players. One guy bet his trips on the flop and turn and didn’t make a bet on the river when he filled in fear of the other guy having a better full house (so weak tight). One player even bet 69 down on 8425 and spiked the 3 on the river, the weak tight player called down with 22 for bottom set.

First real hand I played, MP raises 3x, 1 caller, I call in position with JJ (didn’t want to make a big pot early without much info) and SB + BB checked. Flop came down Q65, checked to me I stabbed 75 and took it down.

Early position raised to 125, I look down at AA in MP and reraise to 375. He thought about it and said should I gamble and laid down 77 (this was the weak tight player).

25/50 level T1800
I am moved. Move to the South West quadrant. I sit down in the 10 seat and wow I have a table here. I recognize two names off the bat, Isabelle Mercier in the 9 spotter, so I get to sit next to her and her sleek French accent and I have Barry Greenstein in the 3 spotter. Both have probably 1000 in chips. Isabelle is knocked out the very first hand I am there. She calls down on Ax7xx board and mucks to A7. Barry played a tight solid style, no small pot poker. He would splash at pots in position and fold to checkraises.

At this level I raised hands like AQ KQ middle pair 88 and took them down with not problem. One hand I raised to 175 with AhKx and this Norwegian player called from the BB. The flop came down T63 (2 hearts) he checked and I bet 250. He called. Turn was the Jh and he checked and I put him all in for 500. He quickly folded.

We hit the break and I checked out the Limit Shootout Event, not much so I went to the little boy’s room.

50/100 T2100
I find out there is a player that some of the Pros know, Craig Hartman, but know nothing much about him (part of the WPA?). One player to the left of Barry looks like Steve Zolotow too, but a bit too chubby to be him, just has his trademark mustache. A player who works for Bluff Magazine is moved to the left of the Zolotow look-a-like but he is short on chips.

Folded to me on the button, I looked down at JJ and raised Craig’s BB up to 350. He called. Flop came down 643 (2 hearts). He thought for a second and checked to me. I thought and bet out 500. He thought and said “I’m going east on you sir and folded.” I guess we have a mutual understanding not to mess with me ;)

It comes back to me after a limper and I see the flop for free with K9o. The flop comes down 742, the SB checked so I stabbed 225 at the pot. The SB mincheckraised to 450 and I gave it up without a fight.

Greenstein moved in for 625 at this stage and I couldn’t call with 23o. No signed book for me. He had AJo and lost to Craig’s pocket kings.

100/200 T1900
Craig Hartman has the table chip lead which was probably 7000+. After the SB min checkraiser when busto a new player was moved in and he limped in one hand from MP. I pushed AI for 1600 with AKo. The player to my immediate left looked down at his cards and called all in for shorter than me. Folded back to the new player and he said lets gamble. AK for me, JJ for left guy, 33 for right guys. Flop comes down QTxJx I triple up to around 5000 ish. This is about 5 minutes before the break and I am excited to have some chips going into the Ante Round.

100/200 A25 T5000
What do you know, our table is soon broken and I am shipped back to the North East quadrant (I think, I was moved 6-7 times total that day). I make nice with the table as I somehow become the “Ante Warden” for my left side of the table. At this level, I probably made some steals but nothing worth mentioning or can’t remember.

There is one player at my table which I met the previous day from play in the Caesar’s $130 tourney and I find out he is part of Team Ladbrokes. He busted an online player I sort of recognize from pocketfives, was it gbmantis? I didn’t dare to ask just incase he may have thought I knew about his style and let it play to his advantage. The pot was big by the way, something close to 22,000. Online player raises 600 preflop. Calls reraise from Ladbrokes player to 1300. He checkraises allin on a 2000 bet on JJ4 flop with A5 and Ladbrokes player thinks and just calls within 30 seconds with KK. They hold.

150/300 A25 T5000
I can remember 2 hands of significance, the SB raised my BB to 700. I look down at K9 and call the 400 more. Pot is huge, what is he doing. Flop comes down 984 and he thinks and bets out 800. I have 4000 total and think and well if he is trapping GG. I push all in for 4000 and he thinks for about 3-4 minutes and mucks AQ.

Another hand, 2 limpers I limped in LP with 56s. 5 see the flop, flop came down AKQ and it was checked to me. I was counting out 1100 in chips then scared up in the end and checked. Turn came a 2 and I checked it around figuring my light of opportunity to steal was over. The river a 5, and I checked it hoping it was good. BB Q4 won the pot, DOH.

At this level I am again moved. I am moved to the rail near the North West Quadrant. I sit down and see some big stacks here. One big hand erupted. About 3 players limp, young player limps I see flop for free with QJ (I would have probably tried to make a squeeze play with something reasonable). Luckily I didn’t. Flop came down K64. EP checks, a player bets 1000, young player raises to 2800, EP checkraises all in. MP player thinks and folds. Young player calls with 44 for bottom set. EP limp played AA badly.

Dinner break wee, time for some food, although I plan not to eat much as it makes you very tired. I just go for a fruit salad + some non greasy sandwich.

200/400 A50 T4600
During the dinner break I figured I would need to pick up a hand to double up. But I didn’t need to be pushy about it. Well, what do you know within the first orbit I get a hand. Young UTG player limps in, I look down at KK and raise it to 1700. Its folded back and he asks for a chip count. I move it in front and dealer counts it off. He thinks and says I call. I call all in. Dealer says you said call, and only takes 1300 more from him and player is a bit distraught and says I’m all in, in the dark. This was a bit perplexing for me, but my read from it was that he didn’t have AA, and he wouldn’t move in the dark with big ace and had a pair which meant I would have to call his all in on an ace high flop. Luckily that didn’t happen and it came down KT7 and I had top set. But I had to sweat the turn card (8), but blanked a Q on the river PHEW.

A controversial hand occurred. Folded to a player in late position who raised it to 1200. The player in the SB declared all in. The player in the BB looked at his cards and mucked them. The dealer went for the cards and mucked both the SB+BB hands. The floor was called and they originally ruled that the BB was eliminated vying the LP players call. Then another floor person came and they overruled it. A players life can not be forfeited to a dealer’s mistake and he would be penalized the 1200 chips into the pot. The SB player had AQ and the LP player had AJ, but the LP player took it the hardest and was steaming away.

300/600 A75 T9500
I am moved to a table in the North East Quadrant. I see Han Le in the 3 spotter with my stack implementation strategy. He has over 200+ chips in green and 200+ chips in blacks. No pick (500 denomination) in sight.

I pick up some pots preflop with like AQ and 88. One hand Han limps UTG and I limped 33 in MP. SB+BB called. Flop came down A66 and they all checked to me. I thought maybe Han limped a smaller pair like the other kid and I could now have free reign to take down the pot. I bet out 1700. The SB instapushed all in for 5000 DOH. Back to Han and he must’ve spent like 5+ minutes thinking over his call. Talking in Mongolian and me saying “speak English please”. I honestly thought he may have actually had AA and was roping me in. He folded saying I figure you will call so I will fold. I obviously fold so quickly and he flipped over his mucked AJ.

400/800 A100 T7500
They race off the greens, and what do you know, I’m a WINNER DING DING DING DING.

What do you know, I am again moved but stay in the same quadrant.

Moved to a table with no one I really know. Some player have the nice yellow chips I hope to be accumulating. I pick up some nice pots in this round. AQ in MP, then in the next orbit followed by KK and QQ back to back and then AJ on the button. With 2200 in the pot preflop, those are some huge pots. The player remaining clock than his 272 and they dealers went hand for hand. We would play a full orbit, every player pays the BB once and we would see if we’re in the money yada yada (check online for info). I raise it up to 2400 once in this orbit and a swedish player thinks and decides to fold and ask if TT was good I say maybe, maybe not. I had 88, PHEW. The bubble breaks and what do you know I am moved.

600/1200 A200 T9500
First hand sitting down. Bubble is broken. A player moves all in for over 11-12K in total. I look down at a beautiful aces. Second time I have seen them, so I guess it worked out to 1 in 200 hands. I ask for a count. I mull it over, and give a great speech “well we’re in the money, let’s” and call. Everyone else folds so I guess speech didn’t work and other player has JJ. He goes onto crack them on the river. I was looking down in the felt in front, closing my eyes, thinking DEUCE DEUCE DEUCE DEUCE, but Jack hit. My first WSOP Tourney and I felt great playing in it, but alas the poker gods left me in a time of great need.

I mulled it over, nothing could be done. Got the slip and went to cash out behind other player. Some other player came up to me later and said wow, you put an awesome performance there, the other players thought you were very weak and that they just didn’t get hands. And he also told me his AA was cracked by the guys TT.

From Card Player
[quote] Wed Jul 26 00:12:00 PDT 2006
Aces Cracked
John Taylor moves up in the chip count when in the span of one round he manages to crack Aces twice. Once with Jacks, and the other time with Tens. He has built his stack from $10,000 to $53,000. [/quote]
Sigh, it really sucks to have the aces cracked. We just hit the money and the money going up was getting big too, I could feel it. The bracelet was within reach. I was also listening to this song every time over and over during the break. “Suddently I see” although its meant for a girl, I could see what they were trying to say. 740K slipped from under, me but I’ll be back. Better than ever, probably plan a trip where more events can be played although the grueling 10 hours of playing can get to you. I was never really worried about losing the money, but I also wanted to play very good.

While I was waiting in line to get paid, I also noticed I was in front of Mike Caro who was with his wife. He wasn't in the event, but he hadn't claimed his money from winnings in a previous event. He had to step out, so someome chimed in and said they should go before since Mike had to be here to collect. Mike soon came back to the dissapointment that someone had skipped in front of him. I joked to him that it was a bad beat while I was in front of the cashier and he chimed back yes, of all the bad beats I've taken, this is by far the worst. :)

I then took the long walk throuh the “Hallway of shame” back to the hotel entrance and took a taxi ride back to the hotel where I hit the sack and slept for 10 hours LOL. Next day, cash games + Megas Sat, Main Event here I come….hopefully

Trip Report Day 2 (July 24th)

I decided to wake up at 1115 am and head out for Caesar’s $80+50 (4500 chip 40 minute level) tourney. I passed by a digital camera store at the time along Harrah’s side and was shown this ugly no name brand camera for $299 which he told me was a good deal. I passed even though I was wanted to get a digital camera. As I walked to Caesars I passed by the Caesar’s Forum (a bunch of shops and figured I would come back later to shop for a camera). I get to Caesars and head to the poker pit. What do you know, I get there at 1220 and the tourney started at 12 DOH. Well WOOHOO for late registrations. I buyin and instantly get the single rebuy. I was blinded off 75 chips (1 orbit). First hand UTG, I look down at KK, can this be a sign? I raise it up to 225 as they know nothing about me. I get called in 2 spots (UTG+1 and a MP). On a 663 flop I led out for 625 and only UTG+1 calls. I thought maybe he was floating on me as he gave a long stare, so decided I would run a play on him. Turn was a 9 and I checked and he bet out 1000. I looked at my stack and raised all in for 3500. He thought about it and folded 88 face up. Doh, maybe I should have continued leading out and letting him call down as I thought he was weak and trying to make a play. I then won a couple pot and was up to 8000 max. with about 7000 chips I lost a 4500 pot which cost me 2000 ish in chips when I called an allin with 99 on the 200/400 A50 level. His AK outdrew me doh. Moved to a new table, I raised it to 1200 on cutoff and the button pushed 3200 all in. Looking at 2.75:1 pot odds I made the call and AT couldn’t suck out QQ. On the next hand, I open pushed 67o 1400 with 1000 already in the pot. What do you know, same player call with A6d this time and I am dominated and out.

I walk the walk of shame and wish luck to this other player I was originally playing with. I head to the forum and check up the Sony Styles store. I pick up this sweet looking 6 Mega Pixel thin camera for $249. I walk back to Harrah’s as it’s across the street figure out how to work the camera. Then its off to the Rio.

At the RIO I check out the Limit Shootout. I find out the Tommy, the player I was chatting it up lost to set over set against the chip leader on a Q6x flop with 66 to Chip Leader’s QQ. That sucked ass. Next thing I know, there is a deadline for a year-long internship for Honda so I spend an hour leaching wireless and typing up a cover letter and submitting it.

Its then time to play a satellite game where I get AK (raise 100 pf, fold to 200 on 7 hi flop, although I could have made a move by pushing all in). I won 44, limped bet out in position 4 handed on a A hi flop. 2 EP limpers, I limp 55 on SB and led out for 100 (1/2 pot) on 742 flop but fold to BB reraise. I then get chipped down and find no pushing cards ie J2 Q3 J4 82 until I call all in blind which happened to be 65h. I think maybe if I just put all my chips in the pot before they said anything the guy may have not raised his K8c.

I think it was late and the satellite tourney was an hour long line so I went and used my $10 voucher on a Parmesean Chicken sandwich and a Fruit Salad for $10. I head over to the pit and sit back and eat while I watch the final 2 tables of the $1000+R duke it out until the final 9. 12 handed, the big names were Hellmuth, Humberto Brene, Helppi, Ralph Perry, Tony G and David Plastik. It went 10 handed when Hellmuth sucked out on Brenes with his A8 against 99 when he spiked on the river. Hellmuth was a big chip leader and it was 5 handed, so I don’t mind his call. 10 handed, Hellmuth doubles up Tony G from 40K to 80K when they get it all in on 763 (2 spade flop) with T2s (Tony G) and 55 (Hellmuth) when he makes a flush. Tony goes into his “I will destroy you” rant, which I was talking to some other railers with before hand. We got a couple laughs and it was quite funny and figured the final table would be very entertaining. A no name player was eliminated in 10th and the final table was set with 5 big name and Hellmuth in search of his 10th. I wonder if ESPN will set up the TV table for them as the $2000 NLHE was supposed to be the last filmed event before the Main Event. But who knows, lots of good players and possibly history in the making for Hellmuth could make great TV.

I then head back early, so I can wake up at 10 am and play the NLHE. *Sleep*

Day 1 Trip Report (July 23rd)

I arrived in Vegas at around 10:30 am and was out of the airport by 11 am. When I stepped out of the airport, I found out I shouldn’t have worn jeans, boy it was HOT! But I guess I won a little since the airplane ride was cool. A 4.5 hour trip btw from Toronto to Vegas. First stop was Harrah’s where I would be getting the WSOP entrant rate at 60 (Sun-Thur) and 120 (Fri-Sat). The plan is to be in Vegas from July 23rd to the 29th (possibly even longer).

After checking in I went down to walk around the Casino. I’m not a table game kind of player so no money wasted, not even black jack. I decided that I would save on taxi fare (about $8-10 per trip to RIO) and just wait for the direct shuttle. I would tip $1 on each trip. I arrive at the RIO, and realize I will have to walk the long hall everyday if I take the shuttle. The walk is probably as long as a half a kilometer. I figure the walk will do me good. While along the hall towards the convention centre I pass PokerStars suite on the left, and don’t even notice the Full Tilt suite, as I was checking out the BoDog girls in front of their suite. They were cute. But what caught my attention were the Milwaukee Beer Girls. Boy, they sure looked dam good in their tight tied knot T-shirts with short tipped jean shorts. They showed off their nice smooth legs and very fit stomachs.

Back to Poker as I was walking into the hotel room the first thing I notice was that I was walking behind the Grinder for the longest time, I don’t bother him as he’s on his way back to the $1000 plus rebuys event. I walk through the doors and breathe in the atmosphere that is the World Series of Poker. What a sight, I hope I do well. I walk in and stop by the table in the middle. It had Gavin Smith talking it up and going all in blind some times. Soon Michael Gracz and Victor Ramdin joined the table. They talked it and had some fun by playing it limit style. Raise min, reraise min, rereraise min, CAP rerereraise min, 25 to 50 to 75 to 100 to 125 (CAP) this would be done on every street and Gavin’s 73 on xxxx7 won the pot. Joe Bartholdi was kind of disappointed as he was moved to the table over which was full of tight players (besides Anthony Reatgui) playing it as a freezeout and not giving him the action he wanted. I probably watched for a good half hour before deciding to play my first poker in Vegas.

I lined up to play a $125 or $175 single table satellite. The players decided to play a $125 so I was up for anything. I hopped in, 1000 Tournament chip with 15 minute levels made similar to a Prima or Playtech type SNG. On level 2 25/50, I picked up KK after a raise on the BB and made it from 150 to 550. He folded, and I picked up the pot. The next hand there was a raise (150) and a reraise (600) and I looked down on the SB with AA, thought for 20 seconds and pushed all in and was called by reraiser who had 88. I held and was up to 2500 ish. I probably picked up a couple hands here or there. Made it 300 on the button with 77 and the SB moved all in for 1200. I called he has AQ, 7 flopped and I was up to 3500-4000. We got up to 3 handed and I had about 4400 on 200/400. On the button I raised to 1200 and the SB pushed 3000 total. I called with 66 but his AK outflopped me. I was down to 1400 and on life support. I somehow played great short stack poker without picking up a hand really. Just pushing something decent or limping in and making plays at the pot when they showed weakness. The play was very tight at the time and I was getting modest respect. I got up to 2600 and made a 1000 raise with A8c on the button. SB pushed and I didn’t like where I stood, but I was getting a good 1600 call to win 4000, so I went with it and ran into 88. Well what do you know, I spike an Ace on the river WOOT. With me having more than half the chips in play I took over and chipped them down. I eventually got heads up and had a 4:1 lead. He offered a deal, 2nd gets the $120 cash and winner gets the $1000 lamers (Sort of like T$ except for WSOP). I thought about just so not to anger him but nixed the deal in 20 seconds as I figured he would loosen up and try to make more plays while I liked him nice and tight. I think he won the first all in on a short stack and I chipped him down and got him on the second all in. Can’t remember the hand, was probably some K hi card or me calling 69d pot committed. I tipped $20 so I was -$25 and had $1000 WSOP lamers in my hand.

I headed over to the WSOP/ESPN Final Table area and checked out the final table of the $2000 NLHE as Carl Olson (colson10) and Bryan Micon (micon), neverwin’s protégé?, who are both online players at the final table. I was in the Micon rooting section, maybe I’ll get on ESPN. Micon was on the short stack and the Chip Leader made a raise to 70K. Micon got up and used this hilarious new light technology that spelled out D O N K E Y as he waved it back and fourth. He then pushed all in for 150K. Folded around to a short stack LP player who went all in for a bit over 150K. The chip leader thought about the call and folded getting close to 5:1, which was disappointing. Micon has KK and the other short stack had AK and was out flopped when an Ace hit sending Micon home in 9th for over 80K. A couple hands before, 2 players were allin and had a caller who had KK and was outdrawn by then so Micon could have had 7th which was disappointing. He also decided to wear Todd Witeles’ (2005 Limit Holdem Winner) WSOP Bracelet, I thought it was sort of like a hockey player touching the Stanley Cup before winning it. He kind of laughed it off, drank and beer and was like “Show me the money.”

I went back to the tourney area in search of a studded table. I found the table that had Reatgui and Bartholdi now held Negreanu (who was in for 49 dimes, or $49000 for you unknowledgeable slang ppl) and Juanda as well. Possibly another player but it slips by mind. I watched and then went back for some more poker. I got into another $125 single table satellite. Again I played tight at the beginning and I think I doubled up somehow, no idea how really. We got 3 handed, with a loose preflop/weak post flop player and a guy who reminded me of someone but I couldn’t figure out from what. I again had more than half the chips in play. On 200/400 I raised KQh 1200 on the button. The BB thought and pushed all in for 160o more and I called. His A7 held unimproved and I was down to 2000 ish. So I became more selective as they were giving walks a lot and I didn’t want to just shove some rags but I picked up like 3 pots every 2 orbits to keep myself ahead. Eventually a big hand had to come up. The SB min raised and I called in position with T8 figuring I could rely on my post flop read. Flop came down 885, check check. Turn was a 4, he checked so I had to lead out and made a very weak 500 bet which was immediately met with an over the top all in. I had to call and asked if he has a set, he said no and flipped up A5, he was drawing dead. I was at over 7000. 1000 for one player and 2000 for another as the blinds went up to 300/600. The short stacked player pushed and I woke up to QQ, but his AT outdrew me. I was able to chip away making my raises and they just decide to wait for big hands while I waited to raise nice looking SOOTED cards. Eventually was heads up with a 4:1 lead but I could never find a hand to call his all in and it went back and fourth blind wise for a while until on 400/800 I made a raise with T9c and he went allin for 3000. I obviously called pot committed and he flipped up 77. Board came out K868T and I won another $100 + $1000 in WSOP lamers, $20 tip for dealer.

With $2000 in lamers in my hand, it was time for me to sign up for the $1500 NLHE event. It felt great to get my registration card and see my seat, Table 21, Seat 4. I also received a $10 Food Voucher, WOOHOO as I didn’t have lunch. Went to the Poker Kitchen and decided to order Nachos, well it came up to $4 so I didn’t bother using my voucher. Chef gave me some Carrots on the side so I could eat something nutricious as well. Junk food will be the death of me, note to self exercise more when I return home.

I went back for another $175 satellite without much success and decided to call it enough for poker and chilled out by watching the Final Table of the Razz event which included Miami John, JohnnyBax, and Carlos. I started talking to this guy with an Australian accent which turned out to be South African. We talked about the event going on and success in poker. He told me he took down a Borgata $530 tourney and was juiced 33% on his winnings which sucked big time. I found out he was working with Card Player South Africa getting some contracts signed and not, where he worked with Joseph Hachem. Did you know Joe’s networth went from 7.5 mill to 20 mill a week after he won the event. He got about 4-4.5 million for tourney buyins over the next 3 years with a requirement on playing a certain amount of event. He also received magazine, clothing and other deals which bolstered himself. It was there I started talking up with some other online players. Str8flush (Rob), wb and his bud. I also met SnowLeopard and Bax during his Razz break, they were setting up on the ESPN table (no crew, just more convenient for railers). Snow Leopard is the 2005 $500 WCOOP Champion btw, and one HOT Chick ;)

We online players had a great chat and drank up some free Milwaukee Beers, although I’m not much of a beer fan. Can’t beat all telling stupid stories. Then I found out one of the guys was 3rd in chips for the PLHE $5000 tourney next day. I wished him luck and would have to arrive late as I had plans. Me and Str8flush called it quits and walked the long walk. He headed his way and I went back the Harrah’s where I slept peacefully at about 4am.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006


Well, I guess the poker-jo is running at full effect. I played 3 tourneys earlier in the day, $10 OPL, $10 NLHE 10 min level, and $5 Turbo MTT, all without much success (suckouts etc close to money but w/e)

Saw the 4pm PLHE $20 was starting up. Said if they get over 100 runners I would play. They just barely got enough, but I joined.

Not much first hour, as always in TAG poker as I was T2000 at break. second hour, levels improve so more agression to steal blinds and was at like T5000 at second break (about 1 table near the money). I then picked up AA and had 2 player moves all in (short stacked) in front and was up to T10000. With those chips on 300/600 level I crushed it and was up to 20K. Only to make a flush against the nut flush and was down to 4K on 400/800 blinds. Well push pot poker went into full effect. And I think I chipped up nearly untouched up to 18K. Only to flop trip 9s with 93 on 99T, he bet I min raised he calls. He checked I pushed and I got him in with his pair tens. So I was chip leader at final table. Blinds were heavy 9 handed and I think I blinded off 20% of my stack (never want to steal from the shorties with crap). Eventuall we got 5 handed and action picked up again and I continued to play great poker. 3 handed, it probably lasted for 20-30 minutes. Chips were circling around the table and they eventually came back to me when I had QJh and flopped T93 (2 hearts) and got all in vs SB who had T6. i turned Q, rivered flush SUPERDRAW! Heads up, I had 2-1 chip lead and chipped him down by 50% on the first hand when I repotted A8o pf and he folded on 236 flop. Next hand I limped K2 he checked 89o. flop was 874, chk chk, turn K he bet I slowplayed (since he only had 4 BBs left and I wanted to get them all in just incase he had nothing). Sure enough they go all in on river (J) and I win. DOUBLE FIST PUMP!

Monday, July 03, 2006

WSOP Making me pumped....VICTORY

I've pretty much been sweating all the WSOP Live Update Coverage on Cardplayer. I'm pumped for my trip and can't wait to play. Dreams of gold bracelets are dancing in my head.

Today played 2 tourneys. 12pm $20+2 and 12:30 $5+R(When to shit and was in for $30 and gave up because I was tired from only 2 hours sleep). The $20 went well as I had a guy pretty much moving in every hand, sometimes having monsters, sometimes sucking out. Was at 6K ish at break. 12K at second break. 40K by the time we were in the money. Went on a crazy chipping up stage to like 85K without being played back at. Then went on a crazy 45K downswing to 40K LOL. Easy come, easy go. But the style dictates that it'll all come back.

Made the FT 2nd in chips, with CL (person who was confronting me) to my imed left (not so nice, but after playing I realized the player was probably a luckbox and had a hand on me). I managed to play well, make good steals and to give up on a contin bet twice I think. Got down to 4 handed and it lasted a while as we were on 3/6K blinds with like 700K in play. So chips were just circling with the original chip leader just bleeding off calling 3x raises and folded to 3x contin bet (HAHA so easy). 3 handed, I came over the top of the 2nd chip with a crap hand on a SB resteal. Next hand on button I got 99 and got it all in against his J8. I hold :) WEEE I had a 600K to 100K HU lead. First hand my A2 calls the 100K push (12K BB) and his 56c makes a flush DOH. Couple hands later he raises I call JTh (a great hand because you dont need to make a hand to win with it). Q9x flop I checkraise and we get it all in. He calls 89 and I turn a J for the VICTORY :)